Kaley's Paranormal Story

You would think that because we investigate the paranormal from a pragmatic and logical frame of view, it might mean that we, just as many of you, do not believe in the existence of that we can’t explain or that we hold very limited views of what exactly paranormal means.  

You might think that because we go looking for experiences to prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal that our own lives are dull and boring and paradoxically barren of the rich experiences of that other world, or that we don’t harbor our own beliefs and wonder about the possibilities, despite our search for truth and evidence.  

You would be mistaken to think that we don’t hear that bump in the night and wonder at the source, or that we don’t have our own hopes and dreams that our loved ones are reaching out across the vast expanse of the universe to communicate.  We, too, sometimes fear the unknown, and as most of humanity, we sometimes get lost in the possibilities and role of quantum physics and question the source of reality.  We, too, wonder at the synchronicity and source of that reality and seek to understand in whatever form that takes as we continue to ask questions.    

In this, we’d like to share one of our own personal stories as we seek to investigate yours.    



My story, is one that gives me goose bumps even after all this time:   


A few years ago, I was staying in an old hotel in Alberta for a weekend getaway.  It was a pleasantly appointed hotel room, clean and uniquely antique, but I felt terribly uncomfortable in the space.  You know that feeling that sometimes comes for no reason that you can consciously pinpoint; the one that makes you feel like someone is watching from just outside your peripheral vision, the one that you can’t always put into words to describe ‘why’ you feel the way you do?  Well, that feeling came over me the moment I stepped into that hotel room that day, and later that evening, I had a terribly hard time going to sleep despite the softness of the mattress, or the coolness of the fresh air coming in from the bedroom window.   


Suddenly I sat straight up and stared at the bedroom mirror on the side wall near the doorway, only to see a fully defined face staring right back at me, kind of glowing from behind the glass!  “She’s here!” I shouted out loud for some reason, and suddenly all the electronics in the hotel room, including items NOT PLUGGED IN and which were NOT BATTERY operated, turned on and stayed on for over an hour! 

I can't explain that. I mean, how do you explain a hair dryer turning on in your luggage, unplugged? I did not stay the weekend in that hotel room.