You can find our YouTube channel here. We film and take photos at all our investigations and will upload when all the evidence has been reviewed.

Full Investigation Videos

NEW - For the first time, the team brings guests along on a cemetery walk. The evening did not disappoint as we caught multiple phenomena, including what we feel is the best physical evidence we have captured as a team.

The PF team visits the Haunted Johnston House in Drumheller, AB. Come along as we meet the spirits who reside here, Dr. Bob Johnston and his daughter Marjorie.

Members of the team visit Queen's Park cemetery in Calgary, AB. Which celebrity grave site do they stumble upon? Check out the video to find out.

We were invited to investigate the Southern Alberta institute of Technology in Calgary, AB as part of a documentary. Check out our behind the scenes footage.

What secrets does Calgary's oldest cemetery hold? Come along as we explore Union Cemetery.

The team investigates an alleged haunted home. What do they find on their investigation? Click above to watch the video

Quick Haunts

This short video showcases the equipment we use on our graveyard investigations.

While investigating SAIT, our audio picks up a knocking that was inaudible at the time.

While conducting a seance, we discover that an urn is emitting EMF and Rob is able to ground it.

EMF...then no EMF, what could be causing this phenomena at the Union Cemetery?

Kaley is drawn to the grave of a mother and her deceased new born child. Can she help the spirit of Hazel move on?


The Haunted Johnston House

Queen's Park Cemetery

Burnsland Cemetery

Union Cemetery

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