Welcome to PFTV, a series from Paranormal Frequencies that explores all things paranormal - Hauntings, UFO/UAP, Aliens, Cryptids, and so much more!

Episode 1 - Alien Transmission

On November 26, 1977, the 5pm news broadcast on Sothern Television Network in south England was interrupted by a voice claiming to be Vrillon, represenative of the Ashtar Galactic command.

For 6 minutes viewers were captivated as Vrillon sent his message of peace on earth and beyond and how humankind must learn to lay down their weapons of evil and live harmoniously as we move into a New Age, the age of Aquarius.

Was it a Hoax? If so, why? And how come no one has ever come forward claiming responsibility to the broadcast interruption?

Episode 2 - Annabelle

In 2013 the Conjuring movie hit theatres and introduced the possessed doll, Annabelle, to the world. Her success spawned three more 'Annabelle' movies and a cult following that rivals horror greats. But, did the movies get it right? What is the true story behind the haunted doll?

Prepare yourself for a real life account, more chilling than the movies.