Equipment Discussion: The Twist Flashlight (AKA The Maglite)

As many of you know, if you’ve ever watched a ghost investigation show, you’ve likely seen the investigators use a variety of equipment, but likely they make use of the twist flashlight, or MagLite, to communicate with the paranormal.  I wanted to discuss how it works, and how and why we continue to use the flashlight on our own investigations.

Typically, a flashlight like this is ‘twisted’ to just between the on and off setting, and then ideally will respond to the investigator’s questions when turned on or off by the paranormal.  It’s fairly well established that the paranormal can interact with electricity easily, and this is one of the easiest methods for the unseen to manipulate.  

Our team, Paranormal Frequencies which is based out of Airdrie, AB, uses the flashlight often to elicit responses, and typically we get almost instant (within seconds) and repeatable responses to our questions.  For instance, we recently investigated the sub-basement of SAIT.  I used this tool to interact directly with a paranormal/unseen being, and was able to get affirmative answers to the same questions repeatedly.  For instance, I asked the light to turn on if it was male or stay off for female.  As I continued to interact, I asked in multiple ways if they were male or female, and I got the same response each time without delay.  We have used these flashlights both indoors and out, in mild weather as well as the cooler temperatures we have here in winter.

However, I wanted to address the idea that using the flashlight is simply nothing more than a trick based on how this flashlight works.  The idea is that when you twist the cap to right between on and off, there is some cycling of the flashlight’s reflector which expands under heat until such time as there is sufficient pressure to make or break the contact points, leading to the flashlight turning on and off randomly.  As the heat dissipates, the reflector contracts and the cycle will start over.    

I wanted to test this out for myself as this is a piece of equipment that I use every single time we investigate.  So, I set up my camera on 3 separate 10-minute sessions to video what happens to my flashlights.  On the first attempt, I set up two MagLite’s on a bed and added a 65-pound dog to the mix – having her jump on and off the bed and rustling the coverlet.  On the second attempt, I set up two MagLite’s on a counter and knocked on the surrounding counter area loudly, as well as tapped on the flashlight itself.  On the third attempt, I took infrared temperature readings of the lens of the flashlight off and on during the 10-minute session.  The results were that not once did either of my flashlights turn on, nor were there any temperature fluctuations noted on the thermometer. 

So, going forward, you will see me continue to use the MagLites during our investigations as well a some of our other cool equipment pieces!!

Stay tuned for more equipment discussions and to follow our investigations!