Let's Talk EVP's

According to the Wikipedia site in 2023,EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) are the voices, words or sounds found on electronic voice recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices and are typically identified as short words or phrases from the other side. 

A quick google search provides tips and tricks for recording these easily, and being popularized on such well known shows as Ghost Adventures, Kindred Spirits or Ghost Asylum, EVP's seem easy to obtain with nothing more than a recorder and a good question or two.  

But from my perspective within the Paranormal Frequencies team, EVP's are a lot harder to get than it seems.  Was that a cough we heard? Nope, that was Rob in the dark, clearing his throat.  Oooh, did we just get told to 'get the eff out'?  No.  Sadly, that was Cam being blown away by the evidence we were getting on another device.  What was that sigh sound?  Darn, shifting fabric. 

As much as we want to believe what we are capturing are truly ghost voices, as investigators we need to rule out all other possibilities first, and more often than not there are other sounds in the environment that can explain these sounds. 

That's why, we often like to have camera footage or other recordings that we can review to confirm what we are hearing is valid. 

But, then it happens.  After hours of footage and multiple investigations, there's that noise that makes us pause as we review.  That breathy voice which sounds like it's in the same room as us, and upon reviewing all the footage we have, it remains clear as day:  A voice is captured on our recorder. 

So, we continue to use this piece of equipment in our investigations, looking to give a voice to the other side, and to continue seeking only the truth. 

- Kaley

-- La;e